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The team at Supple have been most supportive with ensuring my understanding of the platforms and performance of my website is clear and concise. They are always looking to improve ways to escalate my rankings online. We have found the supple team to be extremely cost effective and have delivered on all their promises. Supple helped with our online presence on Google, their SEO service was well integrated with their website design and development process which resulted in top results for our website.
Certainly, more reviews and a better average will help your business, but a detailed review has an incredible amount influence over the people who read them. Your aim shouldn’t just be to get more reviews, but to get more high-quality, thorough reviews. These are often buy google maps reviews what turn a curious potential customer into one that’s ready to buy. The team members at supple have made me feel very comfortable using them to help manage my advertising. They know if they help me build my business it will in turn help supple succeed as well.

Acknowledge the customer’s problem, apologise, and work to resolve the issue. We’ve seen many bad reviews removed or turned into positive reviews. If you’ve had a really bad falling out with a customer, or you want to save face, get a different staff member to reply to the customer.
Asking for reviews through email is definitely one of the most effective methods. To ensure a high success rate for yourself, try and implement the tips below. If you’re still wondering, “How do I ask my client for feedback via email? ”, download our PDF of Google review email templates and make them work for you. This is a pretty incredible statistic when you think about it. It means if you put effort into getting reviews from past customers, you can be confident you will begin to attract more and more new customers.

‍Discover – According to BrightLocal 68% of customers will leave you a review if you just ask them. Start finding out what customers really think by soliciting reviews with a tool like Swell Review. Review Quality – There’s a difference between someone leaving you a quick 5-star rating vs. someone taking the time to write a thoughtful review.
In case of negative reviews, acknowledge the customer’s concerns, apologise and if they are being reasonable, contact them as well to see how you could help resolve the situation. You should provide your website visitors with a clear call to action so that they can leave you a review. I recommend you remind them that the process will take just a couple of minutes. In the ‘Get more reviews’ card, just copy the URL to share with customers (or tap ‘Share’ in the top right and then copy your short URL if you’re using a mobile device).
The lowest rating is “1 Star” and the highest rating you can get is “5 Stars”. The higher the rating of your average, the more clout you have over your competitors, and the higher you will be in the online search results. Reviews are becoming more powerful by the day.

It’s particularly noticeable if you went from a lot of reviews to almost none—people are apt to wonder what changed? It’s easy for them to think something went wrong. Is it because of a decline in service or product quality? Rather than make them wonder, keep trying to get fresh, quality reviews so folks know that the customer experience you provide is as solid as it’s ever been. Average Star Rating – According to an article by MarketWatch, the optimal star rating is right around 4.4 stars. You might have thought a perfect 5 stars makes you look great, but in the eyes of potential customers, it might make you look too good to be true.
Google My Business unfortunately still provides a rather clunky process to getting reviews but the good thing is that we can make it easier. Whether you love or hate reviews 90% of Australian consumers will read online reviews before visiting, purchasing or working with your business. As many as 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations and word of mouth. We recommend that you actively manage your Google and other social media reviews. Customers understand that no business is perfect and what is often more valued by customers are businesses that are open and responsive to customers. It is always best to reply to each review, and where a negative review is received there is always the opportunity to reply and respond in an appropriate way to provide some balance.
No one likes to get slapped by Google so just don’t go there, okay? The many benefits of Google reviews include Google ranking for local SEO, leveling the playing field, online reputation, and helping your business standout. Website Concierge is a reincarnate of Succinct Ideas, providing quality website support and online marketing for small businesses. You can finally start sending your review link to your customers. Once you have verified your Google My Business Profile, you can edit your profile on Google Search and Maps.

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